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Martin Kippenberger

No Drawing No Cry


2000, 496pp., 496b/w illus., paperback
ISBN 3-88375-449-8
sold out

"I am?the fellow citizen of all that inhabits the great furnished hotel of the universe." -- Gustav Flaubert

There you were on a European vacation, flipping through the gorgeous tomes at the beautifully chic German bookstore when you came across Kippenberger's Hotel-Hotel. You thought to yourself, "There's a big stack, I'll get it later." A couple of years later on another trip, you saw Kippenberger's Hotel-Hotel-Hotel. You thought to yourself, " I'll just order it on-line." Well, now they're both out of print and you are in the undesirable position of trying to steal them from your smarter and more worldly friend who bought both books when she saw them. Don't get caught a third time! Published posthumously based on a layout by the artist, No Drawing No Cry is the final volume in the trio. This book in its simple design and execution manages to convey all the humor, wit, pranksterism and savvy with which Kippenberger approached his entire artistic career. A must for any serious (and half-serious) collector of artist's books.

Published in conjunction with Buchhandling Walther K?nig, K?ln, and The David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago

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