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Turn of the Century Home

January 16 – February 27, 1994

Lohan Associates
Lincoln Park Residence
Chicago, Illinois, 1994
William Daniel Allen | John Banks and Garret Eakin | Thomas Beeby | Darcy Bonner | Laurence Booth | Stuart Cohen and Julie Hacker | Susan Conger-Austin | Howard Decker | Dirk Denison | John Eifler | Douglas Farr | Patrick Fitzgerald | Paul Froncek | Douglas Garofalo | Philip Hamp and Laura Hochuli | David Hovey | Philip Craig Johnson and Frank Christopher Lee | Karen Johnson and Fred Wilson | Ronald Krueck | Roy Kruse | Tannys Langdon | Dirk Lohan | Michael Lustig | James Mastro and Claudia Skylar | Margaret McCurry | James Nagle | Michael Pado | George Pappageorge | Frederick Phillips | Kathryn Quinn | Christopher Rudolph | Ken Schroeder | Linda Searl | David Swan | Stanley Tigerman | Joseph Valerio | Wilmont Vickery | John Vinci | Cynthia Weese | Catherine Wetzel | Daniel Wheeler
This exhibition will focus on the resurgence of innovative single family home design by 48 Chicago area architects. Drawings, plans, and models for both real and imagined projects will make up the exhibition. As a whole, the exhibition will not only address architecture, but how changing lifestyles and definitions of "family" and "home" are influencing contemporary design. The exhibition will feature over 100 drawings, floor plans, and models for 72 distinct residences. Roughly half of the designs have been built in the past 5 years, and half are in the process of being built.


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