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An Exhibition in Memory of Elinor Castle Nef: Prints and Drawings from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. John U. Nef

March 28 – April 17, 1954

Vanessa Bell | Georges Braque | Marc Chagall | Hermine David | Andre Derain | Raoul Dufy | Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac | George Grosz | Jean Hugo | Wassily Kandinsky | Le Corbusier | Fernand Leger | Henri Matisse | Jules Pascin | Pablo Picasso | Man Ray | Georges Rouault | Eva Watson Schutze | Paul Signac | Laura Van Pappelendam | Maurice de Vlaminck
Elinor Castle Nef belonged to the University community since her girlhood. As the wife of John U. Nef, Chairman of the Committee on Social Though, she enriched it in many ways. She had a rare gift for bringing together in close association students of the University, Chicagoans of distinguished attainments in the arts, in philosophy, in history, and in the sciences, and leaders in these pursuits from other parts of the world.

Since she had an enormous respect for France and looked upon French art as a demonstration of the kind of rationality and continuity of expression she admired, the pictures in this exhibition are, with few exceptions, by French artists, or those who are French by adoption. Many of these artists were her friends or acquaintances; Chagall, Dufy, Le Corbusier, Pascin, Signac, to mention a few. The pictures should not be regarded as part of a collection, but rather as an important part of her life and environment. They are the works of art she liked and chose to live with and have about her every day.

Just before her death, in 1953, she completed her book, "Letters and Notes," which is included in the exhibition.

She was a member of the Board of Directors of the Renaissance Society for over twenty years. During all these years of association her interest was constant and faithful. She stood for the good purposes for which the Society was founded and which she helped to maintain.

The exhibition as a whole is presented by the Renaissance Society for the enjoyment of members, visitors, and students of the University as a loving tribute to a most valued friend and member.


Author: Frances Strain Biesel

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