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Lawrence Weiner

In Relation to Probable Use


1978, 12 pp., paperback
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"I am a sensual artist, I am involved with the sensual relationships of materials. That seems to be the nature of art and I don't think curtailing that nature is going to make it any more rigorous per se, because essentially it is still about the communication of one human being's observations to another human being with the intent of bringing about a change of state." -Lawrence Weiner

It is inherent to Weiner's conceptualism that his austere, text-based works are as much at home in the pages of this book as they were on the walls of The Renaissance Society in his 1978 exhibition. The word-events installed at the Renaissance Society are reproduced in this catalogue, which was designed by the artist. The book, which can be read starting from either the front or the back covers, loops and turns upside down, pulling the reader into the paradox of his critical gesture. It is a valuable record of his Renaissance Society exhibition, and an important conceptualist work in and of itself. 

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