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Felix Gonzalez Torres


1994, 79 pp., 36 b/w illus., paperback
ISBN 0-914357-35-2
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  Essays by Amada Cruz, Russell Ferguson, Ann Goldstein, bell hooks, Joseph Kosuth, and Charles Merewether

-"In Gonzalez-Torres's work there is always the insistence that elegance and ecstasy are to be found in daily life, in our habits of being, in the ways we regard one another and the world around us" -bell hooks

Designed to complement rather than illustrate the sparse poetic conceptualism of Gonzalez-Torres' work, this catalogue is illustrated with both small reproductions of his sculptural works and full-page reproductions of his series of graph paper drawings, Untitled (21 Days of Bloodwork - Steady Decline). An all-star cast of critics, artists and writers including Amada Cruz, Russel Ferguson and bell hooks discuss the artist's evocation of memory, pleasure and desire towards the greater sociological import of his work. Ann Goldstein brings to light the potency of the work's autobiographical content, and Joseph Kosuth explores the relationship of Gonzalez-Torres to Minimalism. This catalog is an essential addition to any library of contemporary art books, and is itself, in both design and content, a beautiful homage to this important contemporary artist.

Published in conjunction with the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden of the Smithsonian Institution and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

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