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The New Curiosity Shop

October 05 – November 13, 1971

Mary Baumeister
Nothing to do with Eachother
Fernandez Arman (France) | Enrico Baj (Italy) | Gordon Barlow (American) | Don Baum (American) | Mary Baumeister (Frankfurt, Germany) | Rene Berthola | George Brecht | Alexander Calder | Lourdes Castro (Portugal) | Christo | Joseph Cornell | Aaronel deRoy Gruber | Letitia Eldridge | Gerald Ferstman | Edward Flood | Lucio Fontana (Italy) | Pedro Frederberg (Mexico) | Walter Frydryck | Howard Gross | Hans Haacke (Cologne) | Ted Halkin (Chicago) | Carl Hayano (Chicago) | James Higa | Peter Hutchinson (England) | L. Kersh (England) | June Leaf (Chicago) | Mike Leighton | Richard Lindner (Germany) | Enzo Mari (Italy) | Robert Midaugh | Alitomio Miralda (Spain) | Richard Notkin | James Nutt | Claes Oldenburg | Pavlos (Greece) | Louis Pearlman | Kerig Pope | Douglas Prince | Rodney Quiriconi | Christine Ramberg | Man Ray | David Ripley | Barbara Rossi | Lucas Samaras (Greece) | Marjorie Schneid | Alice Shaddle | Alan Sonfist | Daniel Spoerri (Switzerland) | Ronald Stein | Tom Strobel | Don Traschler | Mychajlo Urban | Woody Van Amen (Holland) | Robert Venn | Paul von Hoeyndonck (Antwerp) | Tommaso Wesselmann | H. C. Westermann | Whirpool Company | Karl Wirsum | Jean Pierre Yvaral (Paris)
Organized by Joseph R. Shapiro, President of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and a member of the Renaissance Society Board of Trustees, this exhibition will consist of contemporary works of art of all media, from tiny objects to a total environment, shown in a setting evocative of a curiosity shop with a new twist.

One gallery will be devoted to an environment entitled The Annunciation by June Leaf, originally of Chicago and now working in New York and Nova Scotia.

Works by more than 50 other artists, including Joseph Cornell, Richard Lindner, Lucas Samaras, Alexander Calder, Cliff Westerman, Mary Baumeister, Donald Baun, and Karl Wirsum will also be shown.

In describing the exhibition, curator Joseph Shapiro states, "Our curiosity shop is stocked with all manner of marvelous things of astonishing invention. No formal paintings or sculpture as such, madness forbid! But bizarre objects of wonder, surprise, wit and audacity. Aestethic objects there are; but mostly anti-art, random pieces of life--kooky, irrational, funky, garish, and absurd."

This text was originally published in the exhibition press release.


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