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Sally Fisher

Space Transformation
July 26 – August 07, 1976

Space Transformation
Installation View,
The Renaissance Society, 1976
Edith Altman | Andrea Blum | Nancy Davidson | Bob Gottlieb | Freya Hansell | Dennis Kowalski | John Schact | Kit Schwartz | Eugene Wildman
"Physical and emotional spaces, whether environmentally, culturally or self-imposed, are limitations within which we all operate and by which to some degree we are manipulated. We each function in these spaces in personal ways. Art has always dealt with space, but it has been only in recent decades that it has been admitted as part of the meaning of the work. Much of my own work is an exploration of space and confinement and the interaction or impossition of one upon the other. In Space Transformation I am imposing an object (cube) upon an existing space (quadrangle), therefore altering that space both physically and psychologically for those who confront it.

I have invited nine guest artists to participate in my piece by transforming my space into their own personal statements. They may work within the given cube or deal with it in relation to the space it occupies. There are few restrictions other than the fact that each work be temporary."
Sally Fisher, June 1976

Beginning at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, July 9 and continuing through Saturday July 17, nine guest artists will alter a large wooden cube constructed by Ms. Fisher at 1025 East 57th Street, in the quadrangle across from Botany Pond on the University of Chicago campus. The schedule of alterations is:
Friday, July 9: Nancy Davidson and Edith Altman
Saturday, July 10: Eugene Wildman Monday, July 12: Kit Schwartz, Andrea Blum
Tuesday, July 13: Fraya Hansell
Thursday, July 15: Dennis Kowlaski
Friday, July 16: Bob Gottlieb
Saturday, July 17: John Schact
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At 11:00 a.m. on Monday, July 26, Space Transformation moves into The Renaissance Society gallery with a reconstruction of the original wooden cube and videotape/photographic documentation of the alterations.


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