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Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

April 07 – May 07, 1939

The President and board of directors of the Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago announce an exhibition of paintings by L. Moholy-Nagy, Director of the School of Design, Chicago. April 7 to May 7, daily, including Sunday, from two until five, 109 Goodspeed Hall.

Mr. Maholy is one of the world famous group of Bauhaus painters. His paintings which have just returned from an exhibition on the east are shown for the first time in Chicago. This exhibition includes one painting from 1920 but most of them are of a later period including some recent work. They demonstrate experiments in new materials, aluminum, copper, transparent rhodoid, translucent galalith and opaque colored trolit.

Mr. Moholy is one of the founders of constructivism which created a new approach to the problem of color and is one of the believers in a new art form "painting with light." He thinks that the painter of the future will use direct light for his paintings rather than brush and color from the tube. His paintings on the transparent rhodoid already show surprising and interesting effects in the combination of color, light shadow. Mr. Moholy is the author of a number of books on art and his last book "The New Vision" (W. W. Norton) has had a large circulation both in this country and in England.

Mr. Moholy is also well known for his sculpture constructions in metal, one of which (1920) is included in this exhibition. He is famous as a photographer, typographer and is perhaps the greatest expert in that artistic and mysterious medium called "lay out" in the world. As a teacher he has the viewpoint approved by Modern Psychology- that one must learn with one's pupils- therefore, the spirit in the New School of Design carries over in America the same impulse which made the work of its graduates famous in modern design in Europe.

This text was taken from the exhibition announcement.


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