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Ideas in Sculpture 1965-1977

May 01 – June 11, 1977

Donald Judd
Untitled, 1972
Anodized aluminum
14 ?? x 76 ?? x 25 ??
Carl Andre | Richard Artschwager | Mark Di Suvero | Dan Flavin | Eva Hesse | Donald Judd | Sol LeWitt | Robert Morris | Bruce Nauman | Claes Oldenburg | Richard Serra | Joel Shapiro | Richard Tuttle | H.C. Westermann | Jackie Winsor
This exhibition reviews the on-going redefinition and redirection of sculpture in America since 1965. The selected group of sculpture illustrates significant re-examination of traditional sculptural concerns that have resulted in sometimes startling, often baffling, but always provocative solutions. As in the past, sculptures occasionally rest on pedestals, but more often they lie on the floor, lean in corners and hug the wall. Tradtional sculpture materials--for example, wood, steel, and bronze--are often supplanted by new media--fluorescent light, cloth, fiberglass, formica, and felt.

Major trends are represented: Minimalsim by Donald Judd and Dan Flavin; Conceptualism by Bruce Nauman and Sol LeWitt; Post-Minimal/Anti-Formalism by Robert Morris. Also included are artists who have evolved very personal styles: Eva Hesse, H.C. Westerman, Jackie Winsor and Joel Shapiro.



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