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Historical Techniques of Painting and Drawing with Contemporary Examples

February 15 – March 10, 1949

Joseph Bradley | Alfred Sessler | James Watrous | John Wilde
An exhibition on the Historical Techniques of Painting Drawing correlated with an exhibition of Contemporary Art Works.
The original works produced with these historical techniques are by members of the departments of Art History and Art Education, University of Wisconsin.

This exhibition on the historical techniques of painting and drawing is primarily educational in its intention ans was designed expressly for students of painting and drawing, of art history and the humanities.

Interest in the craft of art may be found in every epoch, and this exhibition- through photographic enlargements, quotations from original sources, and descriptive text- presents the material resources of the artists of many centuries.

The original paintings and drawings were selected from the works of the four artists, in order to indicate contemporary uses and adaptations of technical methods.

Media presented include fresco, oil and resin-oil, egg tempera, watercolor, encaustic; metal paints; quill, reed and metal pens; bister, carbon, and gall-nut inks; natural and fabricated chalks; charcoal; and chiaroscuro drawing.


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