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First Edition Wood Block Prints

July 06 – August 24, 1964

Kawase Hasui | Komei Koitsu | Kiyoshi Saito | Ito Shinsui | Shotei | Tokuriki Tomikichero | Hiroshi Yoshida
A group of 20th Century wood block color prints by famous Japanese artists. The greatest number are done by Yoshida and Hasui and some few by Saito, Koitsu, Shotei, Shinsui, and Tomikichero. The are all first edition prints lent by Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Fishman of Chicago.

Wood block printing is a subtle and sophisticated art medium, the foundation lying in the artist's ability to draw and paint with utmost mastery. It was developed in the Edo Period in Japan. Upon this knowledge Hiroshimo Yoshida developed a technique inculcating his own designs and ideals. The process is a long and exacting one. Many impressions and blocks are taken and cut for perfection of line and color. It is a process completely hand-executed and fine clarity is its life. The prints are capable of deep tone and exquisite quality by use of different grains of wood. Also the superior papers used give power to the print.

We are indeed fortunate in possessing a great many of Asia's rare and great prints in the United States. They provide an almost unequaled avenue into major aspects of Asian culture.

Text from the exhibition press release.


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