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Festival of Religious Art: Religious Art by Artists of Chicago and Environs

March 24 – April 15, 1931

Jean Crawford Adams | Camille Andrene | L. Arfsten | Emil Armin | Edith Jane Bacon | Frederic Clay Bartlett | Macena Barton | Stephen Beames | Helene Warder Beggs | Joseph Biagi | Irene Bianucci | Fred Biesel | Joseph P. Birren | Verne S. Bordner | Jaraslov Brozik | Edward Everett Burr | Louis Cheskin | Chicago Public Schools | J. M. Christie | Domingo Cisauron (Hull House) | Elizabeth Colwell | Gustaf Dalstrom | Russell Daniels | Nene De Brennecke | Julio De Diego | Dorothy Dick | Peter Charles Diem | Dominican Sisters, Rosary College | Hazel Crow Ewell | James Cady Ewell | Alfeo Faggi | Ernest Fauzio (Hull House) | Theresa Fauzio (Hull House) | Francis Foy | Gerald A. Frank | Michele Gamboni (Hull House) | Margaret Gardner | Karl Gasslander | John W. Gatenby, Jr. | Edmund Geisbert | Todros Geller | Edward Gentle | Eugene Glaman | Enrico Glicenstein | Belle Goldschlager | Granger and Bollenbacher | Frederic M. Grant | Guild of the Tabernacle, St. Thomas the Apostle Church | Carl Hallsthammer | Hazel Hannell | V. M. S. Hannell | Oskar J.W. Hansen | Gaylord F. Hardwicke-Wilkinson | A. J. Haugseth | Helen West Heller | Arno Hempel | Elizabeth Tuttle Holsman | Maude Phelps Hutchins | Alphonso Iannelli | Emanuel Jacobson | Beauford Floyd Jones | Raoul Josset | Miguel Juarez (Hull House) | Raymond Katz | Thomas Kempf | Tud Kempf | Lewis Levin (Hull House) | Beatrice Levy | Lowe and Speer | Clara MacGowan | T.L. Macrini | Hazel Sinaiko Maryan | Edward W. Mathews | Benita McCormick | John McDonnell | Frances McGee | Miriam McKinnie | Verona Marie McManus | Edward A. McMurtry | Herman Menzel | Joe Muggale (Hull House) | Buell Mullen | Charles Edward Mullin | Charleen B. Murphrey | Jean June Myall | Philip Nesbitt | John D. Noedringer | Thomas A. O'Shaugnessy | Frank Patti (Hull House) | Katherine Maxey Patton | Helen Knudsen Pearce | Robert Pelzl | Delforest Penning | Tom G. Pillsbury | Albin Polasek | Frederick Victor Poole | Leslie Thomas Posey | Constantine Pougialis | Le Roy Ratchele (Hull House) | Wellington J. Reynolds | C. L. Ricketts | Edith Roberts (Hull House) | Sylvia Roberts (Hull House) | William Roberts (Hull House) | Emanuele Romano | Hubert Ropp | Jose Ruez (Hull House) | Leah Shan (Hull House) | Ruth Sherwood | Sister Mary Stanisia, Academy of Our Lady | Herbert Arnold Stark | Helen Staube | John B. Storrs | Talmadge and Watson, Architects | Grace V. Tieman | Edward J. F. Timmons | Magdalene Tolson | Norman Tolson | Jesus Torres (Hull House) | Irvin St. John Tucker | Ethel Tyrrell | Enrico Vannucci | Frank Hugh Wagner | Carl E. Wallin | Crewes Warnacut | Lotan Welshans | Askel Westerlind | Agnes Clark Winkler | Louise Lentz Woodruff | Nicola Ziroli
This is the first of a cycle of three exhibitions arranged by the Renaissance Society as part of the annual Festival of Religious Art, celebrating the religious impulse in various ways. It will be installed at 333 N. Michigan Ave. The exhibition at Weiboldt Hall, the University of Chicago, which opens April 7, is a showing of "Old and New Masters of Religious Art," and illustrates the identity of spiritual expression through the ages. "The Guelph Treasure," shown under the auspices of the Renaissance and Antiquarian Societies at the Art Institute of Chicago, beginning March 31, presents a superb group of medieval objects, created at a time when the religious spirit was closely united with eccesiastical purpose.

During the season of the exhibitions, programs of fine religious music will be given by musical organizations and choirs in co-operation with the Renaissance Society. The University Chapel will co-operate with an Easter Pageant on Easter afternoon, and several other important programs. There will also be lectures on religious art and ecclesiastical architecture. All musical organizations that are disposed to join in the spirit of this season are cordially invited to arrange appropriate programs and take part in the Festival of Religious Art.

This text was taken from the exhibition announcement.


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