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Estelle Kenney

An Environment: Sanctioned and Sanctuary
April 20 – May 10, 1980

Estelle Kenney
Installation View,
The Renaissance Society, 1980
"Sanctioned Sanctuary is a rearrangeable environment that covers an area about 9 x 9 feet. There are six walls made of hardware, cloth, wire, wood, and celluclay. Each is approximately 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The area enclosed by the walls houses three pieces of useable furniture, scaled to human size:
a chair of celluclay over wood,
a table of metal painted wiith acrylic enamel,
a couch of celluclay over metal.
These pieces of furniture interact with an acrylic enamel painted aluminum floor which depicts the game of hopscotch and chance for acquiring a larger history.

There are additional pieces of furniture:
A dining table and chairs,
Quilts made of remnants of used material,
hand-bound books of original poems and grown-up fairytales, written over a period of years.
All are part of the environment Sanctioned Sanctuary."
Estelle Kenney, 1980


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