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Art of Texas

May 07 – June 10, 1978

Ed Blackburn
Painted magazine Rodeo Rider, 1977
Acrylic on unstretched canvas
76? x 84?
John Alexander | Ed Blackburn | Bob Camblin | Vernon Fisher | Rita Gardner | George Green | Sam Gummelt | James Hill | Luis Jimenez | Jim Malone | David McManaway | Philip Renteria | Lawrence Scholder | Earl Staley | James Surls | Jesse Trevino | Dick Wray
"From Texas we expect more--more oil and nautral gas, more sky and stadiums, more...machismo. From Texas we also expect less--less articulation, theorizing, and urbanity, less literature, philosophy, and worthwhile art. The stereotypes die hard, but as the [art in this show] makes clear, die they will.

Just as there is no single style characterizing the art presently coming form Chicago, New York, or the west coast, neither is there a uniform concept of art in Texas. The ambitious Renaissance Society/Bergman show includes work by more than a dozen Texans. They paint in acrylics and watercolors, draw in pastels and pencil; sculpt in wood, steel, and fiberglass; make videotapes; and turn out mixed media constructions.... There are realists, surrealists, abstract expressionists, conscious primitives and unconscious geniuses among them. The occassional appearance of a mountain, sagebrush, rodeo rider, or piney wood recall the region, but this Texan art is art first and Texan thereafter. "
Abbe Martin
Chicago Reader, May 26, 1978


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