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An Historical Exhibition of Bookbinding

Development of the art from 3000 B.C. to the present
May 07 – May 20, 1934

| Cobden-Sanderson (19th Century) | Douglas Cockerell (20th Century) | Cuneo Press (20th Century) | Clovis Eve (16th Century) | Lakeside Press (20th Century) | Lortic (French 20th Century) | Samuel Mearne (17th Century) | Leonard Mountenay (20th Century) | Roger Payne (18th Century ) | Thomas Reiter (16th Century) | Riviere and Sons (20th Century) | Alfred de Sauty (20th Century) | Sutcliffe and Sangorsky (20th Century) | Zaensdorf (20th Century)
The Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago announces A Historical Exhibition of Bookbinding showing the development of art from 3000 B.C. to the present time - to be shown in 205 Wieboldt Hall 1050 East 59th Street May 7 to 20- Open to the public daily including Sundays from 2 until 5 o'clock.

Included in the exhibition are the earliest "book" which is a clay tablet made 3,000 years B.C.; papyrus rolls; folded vellum; rolls; the old wooden books the for of which has persisted up to the present; the early chain books; and horn,metal, embroidery, velvet, leather covered boards with blind and gold tooling.

Among the Binders are:
Clovis Eve, 16th Century
Thomas Reiter, 16th Century
Samuel Mearne, 17th Century
Roger Payne, 18th Century
Cobden-Sanderson, 19th Century
Douglas Cockerell, 20th Century
Lortic (French)a, 20th Century
Riviere & Sons, 20th Century
Alfred De Sauty, 20th Centruy
Leonard Mountenay, 20th Centruy
Sutcliffe and Sangorsky, 20th Century
Zaensdorf, 20th Century
The Lakeside Press, 20th Century
The Cuneo Press, 20th Century

The President and Directors of The Renaissance Society extend grateful acknowledgments and thanks to:

Mrs. Frank Le Baron Jenney for planning and arranging the exhibition

Mr. Alfred De Sauty for invaluable advice and assistance

and for generously loaning the material of the exhibition
Mr. James H. Breasted
Mr. Arthur C. Dodge
Mr. Edgar J. Goodspeed
Mrs. Frank Gunsaulus
Miss Helen Gunsaulus
Mr. Ernest Hamill
Mr. James Fabian Kelley
Mr. A. Kroch
Mr. Wilfred Osgood
Mr. M. Llewellyn Raney
Mr. C. L. Ricketts
Mrs. James Ward Thorne
The Art Institute of Chicago
The Cuneo Press
Harper Library, University of Chicago
The Lakeside Press
The Newberry Library
The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

The above text is from the 1934 exhibition brochure.


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