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A Perfect Union ... More or Less

November 14 – December 19, 2004

Dominic McGill
Project for a New American Century, 2003
graphite on paper
installation view
7.5' x 65'
Jennifer Benka and Mark Wagner | Adam Brooks with Cynthia Canary | Mary Ellen Carroll | Rob Conger | Joeff Davis | Industry of the Ordinary (Adam Brooks and Mathew Wilson) | Jo Jackson | Rashid Johnson | Van McElwee | Dominic McGill | Jenny Perlin | Maryanne Simmons | Mark Themann
A Perfect Union...more or less will focus on the national fabric as the past four years have presented challenges to core principals Americans use to define themselves.  From a basic faith in the electoral system, to the United States? role and standing in the world community, Americans have had to do some serious soul searching about its social and political beliefs and values.  The marshalling of strong convictions (religious, political and patriotic) has taken its toll on Americans? ability to imagine the national fabric in any kind of whole, let alone holistic sense, feelings no doubt exacerbated by the coming elections.  Over and above particular heated issues, artists have responded to this sense of fraying by asking pointed questions of national identity through a variety of means by which Americans recognize themselves.  A Perfect Union?more or less features artists whose work engages Americans? collective identity through such material as The Constitution, the electoral process, and the country?s many slogans and symbols.


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