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Zoe Leonard

January 10 – February 21, 1993

Sun, Jan 10, 19934:00 pm


Zoe Leonard and Judith Russi Kirshner

Location: The Renaissance Society
Admission: free
This conversation will revolve around Leonard's insidious use of photography as a form of personal power, desire, seizure, and eroticism. Kirshner is former Chief Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and the Terra Museum of American Art. She is currently Dean of the Graduate School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and a senior contributor to Artforum.

This event will take place immediately prior to the opening reception.

This discussion is part of a series of lectures and events titled The Personal and Political in Recent Art.
Sun, Jan 10, 19935:00 pm

Opening Reception

Location: The Renaissance Society
Admission: free
Thu, Jan 21, 19936:00 pm


Backlash and Beyond: A Moment in American culture
Nancy Spector

Location: The Graham Foundation
Spector, Associate Curator of Research at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, will speak on the contemporaneous phenomena of two books--Robert Bly's Iron John and Susan Faludi's Backlash--and the significance of two such contrasting points of view coming out of the current cultural/political milieu. She will compare these ideas to similar contrasts in recent art. This is part of a series of lectures and events titled The Personal and Political in Recent Art. This series addresses recent shifts in the boundaries between personal expression and political action. In light of the waning effectiveness of both traditional art and traditional activism, some contemporary artists have infused their artworks with highly personal politics, while others have made a conscious choice of distinguishing their art-making from their political activities. This series presents a diverse range of issues and approaches pertaining to the changing relationship between art, politics and personal preference.
Mon, Feb 1, 19936:00 pm


In Stereo
Glenn O'Brien

Location: The Graham Foundation
O'Brien will elaborate on the recent trials and tribulations of John Ahearn, a white ("Celtic-American") artist who has lived and worked for over ten years in the South Bronx neighborhood of New York. Ahearn's public sculptures of his African-American and Latino neighbors have come under attack for being stereotypical and rascist. O'Brien argues that they are not stereotypes but archetypes, and as such constitute "realism" rather than racism.
O'Brien is cultural critic for Interview and Artforum magazines, and is the editor of Madonna's book SEX.

This is part of a series of lectures and events titled The Personal and Political in Recent Art.
Sat, Feb 20, 19937:00 pm


Tom Kalin

Location: University of Chicago Ida Noyes Hall Max Palevsky Cinema
Admission: free
Filmmaker and video artist Tom Kalin will introduce and field questions regarding Swoon, his provocative sexually charged redux of the Leopold and Loeb murder story, two University of Chicago students who conspired to murder their 13-year-old neighbor in 1924, in arrogant defiance of getting caught. This is a University of Chicago premier! See the film at the scene of the crime!
Kalin is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Swoon was premiered at the 1992 New York Film Festival, and won the 1992 Sundance Institute award for cinematography.

This is part of a series of lectures and events titled The Personal and Political in Recent Art.

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