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The Seductiveness of the Interval

May 02 – June 27, 2010

Sun, May 2, 20104:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Opening Reception and Discussion

Location: Kent Hall, Room 120, University of Chicago
Admission: free
Featuring a talk with the artists and curator Hamza Walker from 5:00 - 6:00 pm in Kent Hall, Room 120
Tue, May 4, 20108:00 pm

Staged Reading

A Couple of Poor Polish-Speaking Romanians (2006)
Written by Dorota Maslowska
Trap Door Theater

Location: FXK Theater, Reynolds Club, 3rd Floor, 5706 S. University Ave.
Admission: free
A Polish soap-opera actor, slumming it, takes too many drugs at a party and runs off, in a costume of destitution and blackened teeth, with a pregnant young mother. That is only the windup. The pitch is a humorous and scathing critique of social class and national identity twenty years in the wake of communism. The success of Maslowska's (b. 1983) first novel White and Red (2002) is largely acknowledged as heralding a new generation of Polish writers.

After two decades of outstanding premieres of avante-garde theater, Trap Door has established an international reputation in addition to becoming one of Chicago?s premiere ensembles. This is A Couple of Poor Polish-Speaking Romanians last staging before Trap Door takes it on the road, with the first stop being Romania.

Co-sponsored with University Theater, this event will take place in FXK Theater, Reynolds Club, 3rd floor, 5706 S. University Ave. FREE
Sat, May 22, 20108:00 pm


David Moss (voice, objects, and electronics)

Location: Bond Chapel 1050 East 59th Street (directly East of Cobb Hall)
Admission: free
Simply put, Moss is legendary. He is considered one of the most innovative singers and percussionists in contemporary music. In 2005 he was soloist in the opening concerts of both the Venice Biennale and the Queensland Biennial Music Festival.

This event is co-sponsored with the University of Chicago's Department of Germanic Languages and Literature as part of the conference Praxes of Theory. This concert will take place in Bond Chapel, 1050 East 59th Street (directly east of Cobb Hall). FREE
Mon, May 24, 20108:00 pm



Location: Fulton Recital Hall, 4th floor of Goodspeed Hall, 1010 E. 59th St.
Admission: free
Six is Jacques Demierre (piano), Francois Houle (clarinet), Charlotte Hug (viola), Urs Leimgruber (saxophone), Thomas Lehn (analog synthesizer), Dorothea Schurch (voice and musical saw). Headed by Leimgruber and Demierre, Six is the musical equivalent of the Justice League, which is to say a group of improvisers each with her own superpower.

This concert will take place in Fulton Recital Hall, which is on the 4th floor of Goodspeed Hall, 1010 E. 59th St., (Goodspeed is on the interior of the University's main quadrangle in the far Southwest corner). FREE

This event is co-sponsored by The Consulate General of Switzerland in Chicago and The Swiss Benevolent Society of Chicago.
Sun, Jun 6, 20102:00 pm


Saviana Stanescu

Location: Swift Hall room 106. 1025 East 58th Street
Admission: free
Playwright, poet, screenwriter, teacher, journalist, curator--Stanescu does it all. Her work is often characterized by a black humor and a sense of the absurd that is distinctly Eastern European. She wrote the screenplay for Dog Luv, which is featured in the exhibition. She has won numerous awards and her plays have been widely presented internationally and in the US. Recent New York productions include: Aliens with Extraordinary Skills, Waxing West, and Yokastas Redux (co-authored with Richard Schechner). She teaches at New York University.

This event will take place in Swift Hall room 106. 1025 East 58th Street (on the Main Quadrangle of the University, directly east of Cobb Hall). FREE

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