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Several Silences

April 26 – June 07, 2009

Sun, Apr 26, 20094:00 pm

Opening Reception and Discussion

Location: Cobb Hall Room 307 (directly below the gallery)
Admission: free
There will be a talk between Hamza Walker, curator of the exhibition, and Thomas Trummer, curator and Project Manager for the Siemens Arts Program, Munich, Germany, from 5 - 6 pm.
Sun, May 3, 200912:00 pm

Gallery Walkthrough

with Hamza Walker, curator of the exhibition

Location: The Renaissance Society
Admission: free
Tue, May 26, 20095:30 pm


Erasure Poetry Reading
Chicu Reddy, with Eric Elshtain, Stephanie Dering, and Will Larsen

Location: Rosenwald Hall, Room 405, University of Chicago, 1101 E. 58th St.
Admission: free
Erasure poetry is created by the selective deletion of words from existing texts. Please join us to hear innovative work by three students and acclaimed poet and University faculty member Chicu Reddy.

This event is sponsored by The Renaissance Society, the Committee on Creative Writing, and the Wrens, a University of Chicago student organization devoted to supporting the Renaissance Society.
Sun, May 31, 20092:00 pm


John Cage's 4'33"
Kyle Gann

Location: Cobb Hall, Rooom 403, down the hall from the gallery
Admission: free
In addition to being a renowned composer, Gann was the new-music critic for the Village Voice from 1986 to 2005. Since 1997 he has taught music theory, history, and composition at Bard College. He is the author of The Music of Conlon Nancarrow; American Music in the 20th Century; Music Downtown: Writings from the Village Voice; and the forthcoming John Cage's 4'33" (Yale University Press).
Mon, Jun 1, 20098:00 pm


Jack Wright (saxophone) and Bob Marsh (violin and electronics)

Location: Bond Chapel (1050 East 59th Street)
Admission: free
These two legends of American improvised music have been playing together since 1986. Original, virtuosic, and lyrical, their friendship is evident in their playing, and humor is never far away.
Tue, Jun 2, 20098:00 pm


Charlotte Hug (viola), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Lou Mallozzi (turntables, spoken word, and assorted devices)

Location: Bond Chapel (1050 East 59th Street)
Admission: free
This trio could be named after the ? '70s action film classic Three the Hard Way. Any one of them could hold down the fort solo. Together they constitute a triple threat. All have worked extensively as composer-performers in solo and ensemble settings. This to say, these are not timid souls. As an evening of improvised music, there will be sparks, and there will be combustion.

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