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Michel Auder

Retrospective 1969 - 2001
March 10 – April 21, 2002

Sun, Mar 10, 20024:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Opening Reception and Discussion

Location: The Renaissance Society
There will be a talk with the artist and Hamza Walker at 5:00 PM.
Tue, Mar 19, 20027:00 pm
Wed, Mar 20, 20027:00 pm


Location: Cobb Hall Room 307 (directly below the gallery)
Admission: free

Curated by Jennifer Reeder, these two evenings feature a range of work by some of today's outstanding video talents.


Self Reflecting, 1999, Kirsten Stoltmann
Final Exit, 2001, Joe Gibbons
Bad Ideas for Paradise, 2002, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby
Getting Stronger Every Day, 2001, Miranda July
Sad Disco Fantasia, 2001, Steve Reinke
34 Flower Types for Henry Darger, 2001, Paul Chan
Karaoke, 1998, Donigan Cumming
Flight, 1999, Les Leveque
The Tower of Industrial Life, 2000, Alfred Guzzetti

Untitled, 2001, Jenn Robbins
Sapphire and the Slave Girl, 1995, Leah Gilliam
Confluence, 2000, Van McElwee
Moon River, 1999, Patrick Wright and Rebecca Dolan
From Time to Time, 2001, Kristen Van Deventer
Nest of Tens, 2000, Miranda July
Unauthorized Collaboration, 2000, Ben Rubin
Asthmatic, 2000, Paul Simpson
No Sunshine, 1999, Bjorn and Ronald Melhuis

Wed, Apr 17, 20027:00 pm


Harry Sparnaay (bass clarinetist)

Location: The Renaissance Society
Admission: free
With over a hundred solo works written for him, Sparnaay has been credited with extending the technique and repertoire for the bass clarinet. He has played solo at festivals throughout the world; has been a featured performer with many major orchestras and ensembles including the ASKO Ensemble, the BBC Symphony Orchestra,the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra; and has appeared with leading conductors including Luciano Berio, Peter E?tv?s, Diego Masson, and David Stock. The evening's bill features compositions by Larry Moss, Joji Yuasa, Claudio Ambrosini, Riccardo Piacentini, Maki Ishii, Roderik de Man and Wayne Siegel.

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