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Joelle Tuerlinckx

Chicago Studies: Les etants donnes
May 04 – June 15, 2003

Sun, May 4, 20034:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Opening Reception and Discussion

Location: The Renaissance Society
Admission: free
Hamza Walker will talk with the artist and Jos de Gruyter from 5:00-6:00 pm.
Fri, May 16, 20038:00 pm
Sat, May 17, 20038:00 pm


Works by Michael Maierhof
Ensemble Noamnesia, with special guest Michael Moser (cello)

Location: The Renaissance Society
Admission: free
Maierhof is one of Europe's most important young composers. He has been commissioned to write works for Europe's leading ensembles such as Musik Farbrique and L'Art pour L'Art. these compositions have debuted at music festivals including Darmstadt, Alba and Steirischer Herbst. Several of maierhof's compositions are very precisely scored to video projections while other incorporate the use of unorthodox objects such as balloons, ceramic tiles and plastic cups. Friday's bill will feature works for chamber ensembles. Saturday's bill features a work for 21 performers with balloons. Ensemble Noamnesia will perform these concerts with special guest Austrian cellist Michael Moser.
Sun, May 18, 20032:00 pm


Christine Schutt and Deb Olin Unferth

Location: The Renaissance Society
Admission: free
This double bill of fiction features two outstanding literary talents. Schutt is the author of Nightwork, a collection of short stories. Her first novel Florida and another collection of short stories A Day, A Day, Another Day, Summer are forthcoming on Northwestern University Press. Unferth's stories have appeared in NOON, Story Quarterly, The Literary Review and the Colorado Review, among other publications.
Fri, Jul 11, 20038:00 pm


MAVerick Ensemble

Location: The Renaissance Society
Admission: free
Swell Piece No. 2, composed by James Tenney copyright by Sonic Art Editions. Used by permission of Smith Publications, 2617 Gwynndale Ave., Baltimore, Maryland.

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