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Lyonel Feininger

Watercolors and Drawings, 1909 - 1941
November 05 – November 29, 1944


A one-man exhibit of 53 water colors and drawings by Lyonel Feininger, contemporary American artist, will open in the galleries of Goodspeed Hall (1010 East 59th Street) on Sunday, November 5, with a tea given for the members of the Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago.

Mrs. Fred Biesel, (Frances Strain), vice president of the society and chairman of programs, procured the exhibits from the Buchholz Gallery in New York City. The exhibit will be on display and open to the public through November 29.

American born, Feininger has lived most of his life in Germany, where he studied and later taught. From 1919 until 1934 he was an instructor in painting and graphic arts in the Bauhaus, which closed at the beginning of the Nazi regime. He then returned to America and made his home in New York, where he now resides. For 20 years an illustrator and cartoonist, Felinger revised his approach and technique under the influence of the Cubists, of Picasso and of Braque.

Social arrangements for the opening of the exhibit on Sunday at 3 P.M. have been made by Mrs./ Ralph A. Beals assisted by Mrs. E. O. Jordan, Mrs. Gerald Smith, Mrs. George Shambaugh, Jr. and Mrs. E. C. Colwell.

This text was taken from the exhibition release.

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