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George Josimovich, Max Kahn, Eleanor Coen, Mario Ubaldi, Emmanuel Viviano, and Freeman Schoolcraft

May 07 – June 16, 1943



Since 1915 the Renaissance Society has provided exhibitions and other opportunities for enjoyment and appreciation of the arts to members of the University of Chicago and to many all over the city, who are alert to such interests. Those who have followed the Society's programs during the years have not only found them a present enjoyment but a guide to better understanding of the trends of art in America. Its occasional publications have been stimulating and informing; some of them have permanent value.

Openings have been addressed by Professor Fay-Cooper Cole (Northwest Pacific Indian Art), Professor Ulrich Middeldorf (Self-Portraits) and Mrs. Katherine Kuh of the Art Institute (Spanish-Colonial Design of the Southwest).

In addition to the exhibits, the Society sponsored a dance-lecture by Miss Sybil Shearer and a lecture by Professor David Daiches on Literature and the Criticism of Art.

The usefulness of continuing such activities and fostering such interests as these, even in time of war, needs hardly to be questioned. We of the Renaissance Society regard it as a contribution to morale. We invite all who share these interests to help in the continuation of our activities during 1943-44.

This text was taken from the exhibition catalogue.

Author: Sydney B. Snow, President
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