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Paintings of Greek Landscape by Eight Athenian Artists

January 11 – January 14, 1953


D. Braessas- Awarded first prize at the School of Fine Arts Athens, Greece. Participated in Panhellenic Expositions: Expositions in Venice, 1934; Paris, 1937, where he won prizes. Also exhibited his work in Stockholm, 1947; in Egypt, 1947. Was elected president of the Art Institute of Athens.

G. Kosmadopoulos- Was born in Volos, Greece, 1897. Attended schools in Germany and France. Exhibited his own tableaus in Athens, and abroad. Won Silver Medal at the International Exposition of Paris in 1928. He is a permanent Art painter of His Royal Majesty the King and the Queen of Greece. For 10 years he was considered as one of the outstanding impressionists in Paris.

S. Meliades- He studied art in Munich, Germany. Went to Paris, where he remained for 20 years. Exhibited his own works in Athens, Paris and Bordeau, France. Many of his paintings appear in museums and public places in the above mentioned cities, and many other capitals of Europe.

J. Schina- Graduate of the Highest School of Fine Arts of Athens. Participated at Panhellenic Art Exhibitions in Greece 1936- 1952. Prize winner of the National Polytechnic School of Greece, 1921.

E. Stathopoulou- Graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Athens. Appointed as instructor of drawing and painting in the Teacher's College. Arsakeion. Exhibitor at Panhellenic Art expositions, 1938- 1940 and 1952. Has organized two successful Art Exhibitions in Athens.

E. Thomopoulos- Was born in Patras, Greece. Studied in Naples, Italy. Pupil of Mirelli and Palizzi; attended the schools of painting of Rome and Venice; prize winner at the Paris Exposition (1915); appointed professor at the School of Fine Arts in Athens, and became a member of the Academy of Athens. He is considered as an outstanding painter of Greek Landscape. His tableau From the Sheep-Fold to the Village is possessed by the National Gallery of Athens.

M. Verdesopoulou- Was graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Athens. Participated in all Panhellenic art exhibitions and the Exposition of Stockholm, 1941.

P. Vyzantios- Born in Athens, 1889, went to Paris at the age of 18 to complete his studies in painting. He was recognized as one of the best Greek artists of his time. His works were awarded prizes at the Exposition Internationale de Paris in 1917, and The Art Museum of Stockholm purchased some of his paintings. He excels in sea paintings and compositions from the life of sailors and fishermen.

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