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A History of the Renaissance Society:

Hardcover edition


2004, 300 pp., 99 color, 119 b/w illus., hardcover
ISBN 9-41548-47-3
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  Essays by Jan Avgikos, Jennifer Bloomer, John Corbett, Diedrich Diederichson, Kathryn Hixson, Timothy Martin, Ann Norton, Lisa Wainwright, Hamza Walker, and Rachel Weiss.

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A companion volume to A History of the Renaissance Society: The First Seventy-Five Years, this book contains a complete list of the programming of 1990-2000--every exhibition and the lectures, readings, performances and concerts that complemented them. Highlights of the book are photo documentation of the exhibitions of Juan Munoz (1990), Isa Genzken (1992), Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1994), Diana Thater (1995), Heimo Zobernig (1996), Kara Walker (1997), Kerry James Marshall (1998), Moshekwa Langa (1999) and Thomas Hirschhorn (2000), as well as the many other important contemporary artists who have exhibited at the Renaissance Society during this decade. Rachel Weiss's essay discusses the Society's programming in relation to the social and political milieu of the 1990s; Kathryn Hixson writes about the Society's role as producer, providing artists with the opportunity to create new and site-specific works; John Corbett addresses the internationally recognized program of improvised and contemporary chamber music concerts that has emerged at The Renaissance Society over the last 10 years. The book also features selections from the Society's lecture program-Jennifer Bloomer on Cristina Iglesias, Diedrich Diederichson on Martin Kippenberger, Ann Norton on Kim Dingle, and Lisa Wainwright on Raymond Pettibon. Also included are essays by Jan Avgikos on Hannes Brunner, Timothy Martin on Albert Oehlen, and Hamza Walker on Darren Almond.


This volume will be of value not just as a reference book, but also as a critical collection of writings on both individual artists and on the unique role of The Society in the contemporary art world.



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