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New Video, New Europe

A Survey of Eastern European Video
January 11 – February 22, 2004

Dan Mihaltianu
La Revolution Dans Le Boudoir, 1999
22' 30
Of the revolutions to occur in 1989, Romania?s was the bloodiest, ending with Ceausescu and his wife being hauled in front of a firing squad and shot to death. This was broadcast on national television as was done when Romania became a communist regime following WWII. La Revolution Dans Le Boudoir features close-ups of a man grooming himself (shaving, clipping his nails) while radio broadcasts of the turbulent events leading up to the coup play in the background. The metaphor is clear but utterly inconclusive. What exactly is meant by the expression ?history repeats itself?? Is revolutionary change part of a natural cycle? Can it be likened to the act of giving oneself a fresh start, in which case permanent change is unimaginable? Or, is the power of the imagination being curtailed by the metaphor of a body politic being taken literally?

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