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Teen Paranormal Romance

March 09 – April 13, 2014


Sunday, March 16, 2014, 3:00 pm

Panel Discussion

Philosophy and Popular Culture
Featuring two editors of and contributors to Blackwell’s Philosophy and Popular Culture Series

Location: Film Studies Center, 5811 S Ellis Ave, 3rd Floor
Admission: FREE

“I think therefore I am.” But you also watch TV just like everybody else and you know it! The folks at Blackwell Press aren’t ashamed. If it's a hit show or movie, Blackwell has done an anthology featuring today’s brightest and most enthused scholars. The Hunger Games, South Park, True Blood, Twilight, House, X-Men, Batman, Mad Men, Game of Thrones and this list is partial. Their premise: We not only think through popular culture, we think with popular culture. The series tackles issues ranging from race, class, gender and sexuality to ethics, liberalism, the ecology, metaphysics and beyond. Come here about the field of pop culture studies from minds that thrive on it. Fandom not required.

Panelists include:

George A. Dunn: lecturer at the University of Indianapolis and a writer on pop culture and philosophy. He is the editor of The Hunger Games and Philosophy, Sons of Anarchy and Philosophy, and True Blood and Philosophy among others.

Rebecca Housel: lecturer in Writing and Medical Humanities at Nazareth College. She is a freelance writer and well-known lecturer on popular culture. She serves the editorial advisory board for the Journal of Popular Culture and the Journal of American Culture. She coedited True Blood and Philosophy, Twilight and Philosophy, and X-men and Philosophy.


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